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Go Up to Refactor Menu

Refactoring > Safe Delete

You can open the Safe Delete dialog box from the Refactoring main menu, or by using the Refactoring > Safe Delete command on the context menu of applicable class diagram elements. The Safe Delete command is available for all code-generating class diagram elements. It is not available for namespace elements.

Warning: This feature is available for implementation projects only.

Going to safely delete the following elements:

A read-only field displaying the name of the element to delete.


A read-only field reporting if there are any usages of the element.



Deletes the element and opens the Refactoring window. This button is active only if there are not any usages found for the element.

View usages:

The button is active only if usages are found. Clicking View usages opens the Refactoring window where you can view the usages before you delete the element.


Closes the dialog without deleting the element.

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