Setting Tool Button Appearance and Initial Conditions

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The table below lists some actions you can set to change a tool button's appearance:

Setting tool buttons' appearance :

To make a tool button: Set the toolbar's:

Appear pressed

Style property of the tool button to tbsCheck and Down property of the tool button to True.

Appear disabled

Enabled property to False.

Have a left margin

Indent property to a value greater than 0.

Appear to have "pop-up" borders, thus making the toolbar appear transparent

Flat property to True.

Note: Using the Flat property of TToolBar requires version 4.70 or later of COMCTL32.DLL.

To force a new row of controls after a specific tool button, Select the tool button that you want to appear last in the row and set its Wrap property to True.

To turn off the auto-wrap feature of the toolbar, set the toolbar's Wrapable property to False.

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