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The user menu lets you access to features that are specific to your user, and lets you customize your personal settings.

The user menu contains two items:

  • My Settings. Hover this item to show a context menu with additional menu items.
  • Log Out. Logs you out of Team Server, ending your current user session.

My Settings Context Menu Items

Item Description


Displays the online help.


Lets you define your email address, as well as your search and filtering preferences.


Lets you to change the settings that you decided when you first install and configure Team Server and Repository.


Gives you access to administrative functions. Manage licenses, permissions, publications, and more.


Displays graphics of login activity, connection activity, and ER object history. You can click the bars on the graphics to access detailed reports.


Gives you access to social administrator configuration.


Lets you configure your notification settings.

Non-Social Users

For Non-Social users, please see: User Menu.

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