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AppWave ™ Enterprise provides product and licensing control from a single web-based browser interface. It manages a repository directory that contains downloaded Embarcadero products. Application users get access to the products from AppWave Browser .

The AppWave installer sets up the components and directories used by AppWave . This section describes general installation information.

Note: See the ReadMe file for any issues that could affect the installation of the product.

Installation Information Topics

Installing AppWave

You can download the AppWave installation file from:

Choose either the 32-bit or the 64-bit version. The installation file include the full AppWave application: Host, Browser, and Studio.

The wizard-based installer guides you through the installation process. This section describes the Installation Wizard and provides information about decisions you must make during installation. To complete the installation, you need to complete each panel of the Installation Wizard.

You must have administrative privileges to run the install.

You can choose between two installation methods:

Installation Notes

Restricted Mode: This option is set to Off by default when you install AppWave. In this scenario anyone inside your firewall can access your AppWave and run the applications. If this option is set to Off apps broadcast from AppWave Studio to AppWave are automatically added to the All Apps folder an are available to the All Users group.

To secure your AppWave , set Allow client to register user to off. You should also edit the All Users group and the All Apps folder, and the user to limit the licenses available for that user.

Embarcadero License Center: Embarcadero License Center (ELC) is integrated with AppWave and installs automatically when you install AppWave .

You need access to the License Hosting:

If you do not want AppWave to start as a Windows service, you can reset or otherwise change the service by selecting Start > Embarcadero AppWave X.X > Configure AppWave . In the Embarcadero AppWave Properties dialog, select the General tab and change the service parameters.

Note: In Windows 8 go to "Search Apps" to open Configure AppWave Services.

Installing on Amazon EC2: When AppWave is installed on an Amazon EC2 instance you must manually configure its IP address in the AppWave configuration file, and then restart AppWave.

Upgrading AppWave

The AppWave installer includes upgrade functionality. For information on upgrading see AppWave Readme.

You cannot upgrade a 32-bit AppWave to use the 64-bit AppWave software. You must backup your AppWave, uninstall it, and then install the AppWave 64-bit software.

AppWave 3.2.2 and later versions use a new pricing model. In order to use any AppWave custom or premium apps you must purchase a new AppWave Edition license. For more information, see Software Licensing Solutions.

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