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The ELC generates two logs in the logs directory, info.log and error.log.

The info.log file stores informational messages from the server, including start and stop information, what type of licenses are accessing the licensing server, who the users are, the product and the offline usage, as well as the range of IP addresses allowed access to the licensing server. The messages also tell you when the licensing server is being accessed.

Informational Messages in the info.log File

Message Description

Accepting requests from IP address or range: 43.133.*.*

The server is accepting requests from the listed IP addresses, based on the entries in the iplist.txt file.

License key for Embarcadero Product expires in XX days

You may have a license that has an expiration date associated with it. This message informs you that your license will expire in XX days.

License Pool Loaded: 100_1_1 "JBuilder X" (5 floating, 0 named)

The server has loaded the license for the given product identifier. In this case, there are 5 concurrent, or floating licenses, and 0 named licenses.

Listening on port: XXXX

The server is listening on port XXXX. The default port is 5567.

Named User List: user@host: product identifier: max time: time left:

The named user is running the specified Embarcadero product from the named host. The offline usage is set to the specified number of days. The user has the specified amount of time left for offline usage.

Checkout success

The user received, or checked out, the requested license.


The user has closed the product and the requested license is no longer in use.


The server has released the license.

Expired product license: license

The license has expired.

The error.log file stores error messages from the server. For more information, see Troubleshooting the server.

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