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Besides Web based Administration tool, ELC admin can perform certain administration tasks from command line. The following commands to perform administration tasks are available:

To list all active licenses

  • Enter cmd status from the <ELC>\bin directory.

To remove a specific license and return it to the available license pool

  • Enter cmd revoke from the <ELC>\bin directory. This command takes the following arguments:
Argument Description


The product identifier, located by running the elise status command (run cmd status
from the <ELC>\bin directory). Product identifiers are located in "()" (for example:
Networked Suite 1.0 (100_1_1) or product id (-id) code and sku id (-sku)
code. These values are located in your readme.txt file.

-user <username>

The name of the user.

-host <hostname>

The name of the computer that the license is checked out to.

To reload configuration files

  • Enter cmd reload from the <ELC>\bin directory.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: The following configurations are reloadable:

  • server_*.slip - server configuration file
  • iplist.txt - the IP list file
  • userlist.txt - the user list file for named user licenses
  • userlist-concurrent.txt - the user list file for concurrent licenses
The main configuration file,, is not reloadable. The ELC has to be stopped and started again if needs to be reloaded. See Starting and stopping the AppWave Enterprise License Center from the command line to stop/start the ELC.

Additional information, including history, is available in the <ELC>\logs\info.log file.

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