Troubleshooting the server

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Go Up to Administering AppWave Enterprise License Center Server

The following error messages can be generated by the server and stored in the error.log file.

Server Error Messages in the error.log File

Message Description

Cannot listen on port XXXX. Is the license server already running?

The ELC uses XXXX (5567 is the default port) to receive messages from and send messages to clients. First, verify that the ELC is not already running. Then, verify that another application is not using this port. If another application has to use this port, you can call Embarcadero for information on changing the port.

Configuration file does not match the server

The server configuration file does not match the computer that is hosting the server.

Initialization failed, program aborted

The ELC cannot start because of an internal error. Call Embarcadero for support.

License storage <ELC>\conf\elise.lic is corrupted, licensing data cannot be recovered. Please contact Embarcadero.(7104)

The licensing storage in the <ELC>\conf directory is corrupted or has been moved from another machine. Call Embarcadero for further assistance.

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