Setting up a client for named user licensing

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Go Up to Administering AppWave Enterprise License Center Server

Named User license is assigned to a specific user, identified by user's machine login name. A user can log simultaneously onto maximum three machines and still consume the same license for the product they are licensed for. User names and settings are controlled by the ELC administrator at Named Users page or directly in the <ELC>\conf\userlist.txt file. See Configuring the user list file for named user licenses for instructions on editing this file.

  1. Install an Embarcadero product that is enabled for the ELC named licensing, if one is not already installed.
  2. Place client license file into C:\ProgramData\Embarcadero directory. Named user license file name is named_XXXXXX.slip, where XXXXX is the certificate number.
  3. Start the product. The product is now sending named user license requests to the ELC. Licensing information is available from Help | License Manager.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: A user with Named User license can use Embarcadero product offline, as long as offline usage setting on the ELC side is not zero. There is no need for any manual action by user in order to switch from online to offline use mode.

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