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A server page is a webpage that runs in a server, allowing you to use both server-side and client-side web technologies.

You can create a new server page from Home > New > HTML5 Builder Projects > Files > Server Page, which will be opened on the Design view.

General Programming


The components in the following categories can be used in server pages: Standard, Additional, Advanced, System, Data Access, Data Controls, Web Services, Zend, Google, Facebook Social Plugins, DataSnap.

Programming Languages

You can use any web language for server pages programming:

Special Features

You can achieve anything you want by mixing components and programming languages. The pages below will help you implement special features using HTML5 Builder.

Client-side Features

Animate your controls as a response to events.
Drag and Drop
Implement drag and drop interactions for your interfaces.
Arrange controls the way you want.
Store data on the user agent (web browser) so you can retrieve it later.
Customize your controls’ appearance.
Tab Navigation
Define how the controls of your pages are should be navigated.

Server-side Features

Get the server-side events to behave like client-side events, and run server-side code without getting the page reloaded in the user agent.
Database Connections
Interact with databases.
Create client applications that interact with DataSnap.
Internationalization and Localization
Adapt your application for people in different countries and speaking different languages.
Create stack-based interfaces with controls associated to layers that might or might not be visible at a given point.
Use HTML5 Builder to bring life into your templates.

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