Vcl.Grids.TCustomDrawGrid Methods

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_AddRefprotectedCalled when an application uses a component interface.
_ReleaseprotectedCalled when an application releases a component interface.
ActionChangeprotectedUpdates the control to reflect changes in its associated action.
AddBiDiModeExStyleprotectedSets control's window style according to its bi-directional support.
AdjustClientRectprotectedProvides the interface that adjusts the ClientRect property for idiosyncrasies of the window.
AdjustSizeprotectedAdds or deletes rows or columns from the grid.
AfterConstructionpublicResponds after the last constructor has executed.
AlignControlsprotectedAligns any controls for which the control is the parent within a specified area of the control.
ArrangeControlprotectedAligns the given control with the specified alignment options.
AssignpublicCopies the contents of another similar object.
AssignToprotectedCopies the properties of the windowed control to another object.
BeforeDestructionpublicPerforms any necessary actions before the first destructor is called.
BeginAutoDragprotectedBegins automatic drag.
BeginColumnDragprotectedStarts the dragging of a column in the grid.
BeginDragpublicStarts the dragging of a control.
BeginInvokepublicPerforms an asynchronous call to the method specified by either AProc or AFunc.
BeginRowDragprotectedStarts the dragging of a row in the grid.
BoxRectprotectedReturns the screen coordinates of a specified set of cells.
BringToFrontpublicPuts the control in front of all other controls in its parent control.
BroadcastpublicSends a message to each of the child controls.
CalcCursorPosprotectedGives the coordinates of the cursor, with respect to the origin of the control.
CalcDrawInfoprotectedCalculates the pixel locations of the grid boundaries.
CalcFixedInfoprotectedCalculates the pixel locations of the fixed cells.
CalcSizingStateprotectedDetermines the appearance of the mouse cursor during resizing.
CanAutoSizeprotectedIndicates how the control can be resized.
CanEditAcceptKeyprotectedIndicates whether the Key parameter can be entered into the current cell.
CanEditModifyprotectedIndicates whether the current cell in the grid can be edited.
CanEditShowprotectedIndicates whether the inplace edit control can be created to allow editing.
CanFocuspublicIndicates whether a control can receive focus.
CanGridAcceptKeyprotectedIndicates whether the grid should respond to a given key combination.
CanResizeprotectedIndicates how the control can respond to a resize attempt.
CellRectpublicReturns the screen coordinates of a cell in the grid.
ChangedprotectedSends a CM_CHANGED message to the control.
ChangeGridOrientationprotectedPrepares the grid's canvas for painting to reflect a right-to-left or left-to-right orientation.
ChangeNameprotectedSets the private, internal storage for the Name property to the string passed in NewName.
CheckColumnDragprotectedCheckColumnDrag validates whether the column currently selected for dragging can be dropped at the current location.
CheckDisposedprotectedThis method is deprecated.
CheckNonMainThreadUsagepublicRaised an EInvalidOperation exception when called on a non-main thread and RaiseOnNonMainThreadUsage is set to True.
CheckRowDragprotectedCheckRowDrag validates whether the row currently selected for dragging can be dropped at the current location.
ClassInfopublicReturns a pointer to the run-time type information (RTTI) table for the object type.
ClassNamepublicReturns a string indicating the type of the object instance (as opposed to the type of the variable passed as an argument).
ClassNameIspublicDetermines whether an object is of a specific type.
ClassParentpublicReturns the type of the immediate ancestor of a class.
ClassTypepublicReturns the class reference for the object's class.
CleanupInstancepublicPerforms finalization on long strings, variants, and interface variables within a class.
ClickprotectedRespond to user click.
ClientToParentpublicTranslates client coordinates to parent coordinates.
ClientToScreenpublicTranslates a given point from client area coordinates to global screen coordinates.
ColumnMovedprotectedGenerates an OnColumnMoved event.
ColWidthsChangedprotectedResponds when the column widths change.
ConstrainedResizeprotectedGenerates an OnConstrainedResize event.
ContainsControlpublicIndicates whether a specified control exists within the control.
ControlAtPospublicReturns the child control located at a specified position within the control.
ControlsAlignedprotectedControlsAligned automatically executes after a call to AlignControls.
CreateDockManagerprotectedCreates the dock manager for the control.
CreateEditorprotectedCreates the inplace editor control.
CreateHandleprotectedCreates underlying screen object.
CreateParamsprotectedInitializes the window-creation parameter record.
CreateParentedpublicCreates and initializes a control as the child of a specified non-VCL container.
CreateParentedControlpublicCreates and initializes a control as the child of a specified non-VCL window.
CreateSubClassprotectedCreates a windowed control derived from an existing Windows window class.
CreateTouchManagerprotectedInstantiates a touch manager.
CreateWindowHandleprotectedCreates a Windows control to represent the control.
CreateWndprotectedCreateWnd is used in control initialization.
CustomAlignInsertBeforeprotectedReturns placement order of custom-aligned child control.
CustomAlignPositionprotectedReturns aligned position of custom-aligned child control.
DblClickprotectedOnDblClick event dispatcher.
DefaultDockImageprotectedHandles the painting and erasing of a dock image.
DefaultHandlerpublicProvides message handling for all messages that the control does not fully process by itself.
DefinePropertiesprotectedAdds the ColWidths and RowHeights properties to the values saved with the grid.
DeleteColumnprotectedDeletes a specified column from the grid.
DeleteRowprotectedDeletes a specified from the grid.
DesignWndProcprotectedProcesses the given message and returns some Boolean information based on the message's content.
DestroyComponentspublicDestroys all owned components.
DestroyHandleprotectedDestroys the control's window without destroying the control.
DestroyingpublicIndicates that the component and its owned components are about to be destroyed.
DestroyWindowHandleprotectedDestroys the window created in the CreateWindowHandle method.
DestroyWndprotectedDestroys the control's window.
DisableAlignpublicDisables the realignment of child controls.
DispatchpublicCalls message-handling methods for the object, based on the contents of the Message parameter.
DisposeOfpublicDisposeOf forces the execution of the destructor code in an object.
DoAddDockClientprotectedPerforms actions when a control is docked to the windowed control.
DockpublicUsed internally to dock the control.
DockDroppublicGenerates an OnDockDrop event.
DockOverprotectedResponds when a docking client is dragged over the windowed control.
DockReplaceDockClientprotectedInvalidates the first dock site in the list of child controls.
DockTrackNoTargetprotectedHandles dragging of the control over an invalid docking target.
DoContextPopupprotectedIs an OnContextPopup event dispatcher.
DoDockprotectedDocking event dispatcher.
DoDockOverprotectedGenerates an OnDockOver event.
DoEndDockprotectedIs an OnEndDock event dispatcher.
DoEndDragprotectedIs an OnEndDrag event dispatcher.
DoEnterprotectedRespond to receiving input focus.
DoExitprotectedHides the inplace editor when selection moves to another control in a form.
DoFlipChildrenprotectedFlips the control's children.
DoGetGestureOptionsprotectedReturns the interactive gestures and their options.
DoKeyDownprotectedPerforms some preprocessing before generating an OnKeyDown event.
DoKeyPressprotectedPerforms some preprocessing before generating an OnKeyPress event.
DoKeyUpprotectedPerforms some preprocessing before generating an OnKeyUp event.
DoMouseWheelprotectedProcesses mouse wheel motion.
DoMouseWheelDownprotectedPerforms tasks when the mouse wheel is rotated downward.
DoMouseWheelUpprotectedPerforms tasks when the mouse wheel is rotated upward.
DoRemoveDockClientprotectedResponds when a control is undocked from the windowed control.
DoStartDockprotectedIs an OnStartDockevent dispatcher.
DoStartDragprotectedIs an OnStartDrag event dispatcher.
DoUnDockprotectedUndocks a control that is currently docked to the windowed control.
DragCanceledprotectedProvides the interface for a method that responds to the cancellation of a drag.
DragDroppublicIs an OnDragDrop event dispatcher.
DraggingpublicIndicates whether a control is being dragged.
DragOverprotectedIs an OnDragOver event dispatcher.
DrawCellprotectedGenerates an OnDrawCell event.
DrawCellBackgroundprotectedDraws the background of a cell in the grid.
DrawCellHighlightprotectedDraws the background of a highlighted cell in the grid.
DrawDragDockImageprotectedDraws the dock image for the control.
DrawTextBiDiModeFlagspublicReturns the text flags that reflect the current setting of the BiDiMode property.
DrawTextBiDiModeFlagsReadingOnlypublicReturns the text flag to add that indicates whether the control's text should read from right to left.
EnableAlignpublicDecrements the reference count incremented by the DisableAlign method, eventually realigning the child controls.
EndColumnDragprotectedEnds the dragging of a column in the grid.
EndDragpublicStops a control from being dragged any further.
EndFunctionInvokepublicBlocks the caller until the specified ASyncResult completes.
EndInvokepublicBlocks the caller until the specified ASyncResult completes.
EndRowDragprotectedEnds the dragging of a row in the grid.
EqualspublicChecks whether the current instance and the Obj parameter are equal.
EraseDragDockImageprotectedErases the dock image for the control.
ExecuteActionpublicExecutes an action.
FieldAddresspublicReturns the address of a published object field.
FindChildControlpublicReturns a child control given its name.
FindComponentpublicIndicates whether a given component is owned by the component.
FindNextControlprotectedReturns the control's next child in the tab order after the specified control.
FixedCellClickprotectedTriggers the OnFixedCellClick event.
FixupTabListprotectedSorts the child controls by their tab order.
FlipChildrenpublicReverses the positions of child controls.
FocusCellprotectedChanges the current cell to a specified cell.
FocusedpublicDetermines whether the control has input focus.
FreepublicDestroys an object and frees its associated memory, if necessary.
FreeInstancepublicDeallocates memory allocated by a previous call to the NewInstance method.
FreeNotificationpublicEnsures that AComponent is notified that the component is going to be destroyed.
FreeOnReleasepublicFrees the interface reference for components that were created from COM classes.
GetActionprotectedReturns the value of the Action property.
GetActionLinkClassprotectedReturns the associated action link class.
GetChildOwnerprotectedReturns the owner of a child component being read from a stream.
GetChildParentprotectedReturns the parent or, if there is no parent, returns the owner of a child component being read from a stream.
GetChildrenpublicCalls a specified method for each child of the control.
GetClientOriginprotectedReturns the value of the ClientOrigin property.
GetClientRectprotectedReturns the value of the ClientRect property.
GetControlExtentsprotectedReturns the smallest rectangle in which all the control's children fit.
GetControlsAlignmentpublicIndicates how text is aligned within the control.
GetDesignDpiprotectedObtains the design Dpi for the form where the control was designed.
GetDeviceContextprotectedProvides access to a device context for the control.
GetDisposedprotectedGetter for the Disposed property.
GetDockEdgeprotectedReturns the edge on which another control should be docked when it is dragged over the control.
GetDragImagesprotectedReturns the control's image list containing the image to be displayed while dragging.
GetDragModeprotectedReturns the value of the DragMode property.
GetEditLimitprotectedProvides the interface for a method that limits the number of characters the user can type into cells.
GetEditMaskprotectedGenerates an OnGetEditMask event.
GetEditStyleprotectedIndicates whether a specified cell has an ellipsis button or drop-down arrow.
GetEditTextprotectedGenerates an OnGetEditText event.
GetEnabledprotectedReturns the value of the Enabled property.
GetEnumeratorpublicReturns a TComponent enumerator.
GetFloatingprotectedReturns the value of the Floating property.
GetFloatingDockSiteClassprotectedReturns the class used for the control when it is floating.
GetGridHeightprotectedReturns the value of the GridHeight property.
GetGridWidthprotectedReturns the value of the GridWidth property.
GetHashCodepublicReturns an integer containing the hash code.
GetIDsOfNamesprotectedMaps a single member and an optional set of argument names to a corresponding set of integer dispatch identifiers (dispIDs).
GetInterfacepublicRetrieves a specified interface.
GetInterfaceEntrypublicReturns the entry for a specific interface implemented in a class.
GetInterfaceTablepublicReturns a pointer to a structure containing all of the interfaces implemented by a given class.
GetNamePathpublicReturns a string used by the Object Inspector.
GetObserversprotectedGetter of Observers.
GetOwnerprotectedReturns the owner of a component.
GetPaletteprotectedReturns the handle to a palette for use by the control.
GetParentComponentpublicReturns the parent of the control.
GetParentCurrentDpiprotectedObtains the current Dpi for parent control, or the current control Dpi if there is no parent.
GetParentHandleprotectedReturns the window handle for the window of the control's parent.
GetPopupMenuprotectedReturns the pop-up menu associated with the control.
GetSiteInfoprotectedGenerates an OnGetSiteInfo event.
GetStyleNamepublicReturns a string specifying the name of this component style.
GetSystemMetricspublicReturns Windows metrics for a control.
GetTabControlListpublicBuilds a list of owned controls.
GetTabOrderListpublicBuilds a list of controls in tab order.
GetTextBufpublicRetrieves the control's text, copies it into a buffer, and returns the number of characters copied.
GetTextLenpublicReturns the length of the control's text.
GetTopParentHandleprotectedReturns the window handle of the first window not associated with a VCL control that contains the windowed control.
GetTypeInfoprotectedRetrieves the type information for an object.
GetTypeInfoCountprotectedReturns the number of type information interfaces that an object provides (either 0 or 1).
HandleAllocatedpublicReports whether a screen object handle exists for the control.
HandleNeededpublicCreates a screen object for the control if it doesn't already exist.
HasParentpublicIndicates whether the control has a parent.
HidepublicMakes the control invisible.
HideEditprotectedHides the inplace editor.
HideEditorprotectedHides the inplace editor when it is not in use.
InheritsFrompublicDetermines the relationship of two object types.
InitiateActionpublicCalls the action link's Update method if the control is associated with an action link.
InitInstancepublicInitializes a newly allocated object instance to all zeros and initializes the instance's virtual method table pointer.
InsertComponentpublicEstablishes the component as the owner of a specified component.
InsertControlpublicInserts a control into the Controls array property.
InstanceSizepublicReturns the size in bytes of each instance of the object type.
InvalidatepublicSchedules a control repaint.
InvalidateCellprotectedInvalidates the region occupied by a cell so that it will be repainted with the next Windows paint message.
InvalidateColprotectedInvalidates the region occupied by a column so that it will be repainted with the next Windows paint message.
InvalidateDockHostSiteprotectedInvalidates the first dock site that appears in the list of child controls.
InvalidateEditorprotectedCauses the inplace editor to repaint itself, moving to a new location if necessary.
InvalidateGridprotectedTells Windows to repaint the grid after other important Windows messages are handled.
InvalidateRowprotectedInvalidates the region occupied by a row so that it will be repainted with the next Windows paint message.
InvokeprotectedProvides access to Automation properties and methods when the component wraps an Automation object.
InvokeAsyncCallsprotectedProcesses pending asynchronous method calls listed in FAsyncList.
IsControlActivateMsgprotectedIndicates whether a specified mouse activation message is directed to the given child control.
IsControlMouseMsgprotectedIndicates whether a specified mouse message is directed to one of the windowed control's child controls.
IsCustomStyleActivepublicIndicates whether the active style is a custom style.
IsImplementorOfpublicIndicates whether the component implements a specified interface.
IsLightStyleColorpublicReturns True when AColor is a light color.
IsQualifyingSiteprotectedChecks whether the control is docked inside another control or has at least two docked controls.
IsRightToLeftpublicIndicates whether the control should be reversed right to left.
KeyDownprotectedProvides special processing when the user presses a key.
KeyPressprotectedProvides special processing when the user presses a key.
KeyUpprotectedRespond to released key.
LoadedprotectedInitializes the control after it is loaded from a stream.
LockDrawingpublicCall LockDrawing method to prevent changes in that control from being redrawn.
MainWndProcprotectedReceives Windows messages for the control.
ManualDockpublicDocks the control.
ManualFloatpublicUndocks the control.
MethodAddresspublicReturns the address of a class method by name.
MethodNamepublicReturns the name of a class method by address.
MouseActivateprotectedTriggers a TMouseActivateEvent event.
MouseCoordpublicReturns the row and column indexes of the cell that contains a screen point specified in TDBGrid coordinates.
MouseDownprotectedProvides special processing when the user presses a mouse button.
MouseMoveprotectedProvides special processing when the user moves the mouse.
MouseToCellpublicReturns the column and row of the cell at the position with screen coordinates (X,Y).
MouseUpprotectedProvides special processing when the user releases the mouse button.
MouseWheelHandlerpublicDispatches messages received from a mouse wheel.
MoveColRowprotectedSelects the cell indicated by the ACol and ARow parameters.
MoveColumnprotectedMoves a column to a new position.
MoveRowprotectedMoves a row to a new position.
NewInstancepublicAllocates memory for an instance of an object type and returns a pointer to that new instance.
NotifyControlsprotectedSends a message to all the child controls.
operator ()publicC++ conversion of a TComponent into a System.Classes.IInterfaceComponentReference or a System.IInterface, depending on casting.
PaintprotectedDraws the image of the grid control on the screen.
PaintControlsprotectedPaints each of the child controls in a windowed control using the specified device context.
PaintHandlerprotectedResponds to WM_PAINT messages.
PaintTopublicDraws the windowed control to a device context.
PaintWindowprotectedRenders the image of the control on a specified device context.
PaletteChangedprotectedResponds to changes in the system's palette by realizing the control's palette and the palette for each child control.
ParentToClientpublicTranslate parent coordinates to client coordinates.
PerformpublicResponds as if the control received a specified Windows message.
PositionDockRectprotectedPositions the docking rectangle according to the current drag-and-dock state.
PreProcessMessagepublicReturns False, no matter the value of Msg.
QualifiedClassNamepublicReturns the qualified name of the class.
QueryInterfaceprotectedReturns a reference to a specified interface if the current component supports that interface.
ReadStateprotectedPrepares the control for having its properties assigned values from a stream.
RealignpublicForces the control to realign children.
RecreateWndprotectedRecreate underlying Windows screen object.
ReferenceInterfacepublicEstablishes or removes internal links that cause this component to be notified when the implementer of a specified interface is destroyed.
RefreshpublicRepaints the control on the screen.
ReloadDockedControlprotectedReloads a docked control.
RemoveComponentpublicRemoves a specified component specified from the component's Components list.
RemoveControlpublicRemoves a specified control from the Controls array.
RemoveFreeNotificationpublicDisables the destruction notification that was enabled by FreeNotification.
RemoveFreeNotificationsprotectedNotifies all owned components of the owner component's imminent destruction.
RemoveWindowPropsprotectedRemoves the ControlAtom and WindowAtom properties of the control.
RepaintpublicRepaints the entire control.
ReplaceDockedControlpublicDocks the control in the place where another control is already docked.
ResetImeprotectedRestores the input method editor (IME) that was active when the application started.
ResetImeCompositionprotectedDirects the composition window of the input method editor (IME) to perform a specific action.
ResizeprotectedRespond to control resize.
RowHeightsChangedprotectedResponds when the row heights change.
RowMovedprotectedGenerates an OnRowMoved event.
SafeCallExceptionpublicHandles exceptions in methods declared using the safecall calling convention.
ScaleBypublicRescale control and its children.
ScaleConstraintsprotectedScales the values of the Constraints property to the given ratio.
ScaleControlsprotectedRescale child controls only.
ScaleControlsForDpiprotectedScales all the contained controls to the NewPPI value.
ScaleForPPIpublicAdjusts the scaling of the current control and its children for the specified Pixels Per Inch (PPI).
ScaleMarginsprotectedScales the values of the Margins property to the given ratio.
ScalePaddingprotectedScales the control padding to the given ratio.
ScaleRectSizepublicScales Value rectangle size using the current ScaleFactor.
ScaleValuepublicThe overloaded ScaleValue methods return a measure passed as parameter scaled by the current scale factor for the control (the value of the ScaleFactor read-only property).
ScreenToClientpublicConverts the screen coordinates of a specified point on the screen to client coordinates.
ScrollBypublicScroll control contents.
ScrollDataprotectedScrolls the visual image of the cells in the grid.
SelectCellprotectedDetermines whether a particular cell in the grid can be selected.
SelectFirstprotectedLocates first selectable child control.
SelectNextprotectedMoves the input focus from the current child control to the next one in the tab order.
SendCancelModeprotectedCancels the modal state of the control.
SendDockNotificationprotectedSends a Windows message to the control's host dock site.
SendToBackpublicPuts a windowed control behind all other windowed controls, or puts a non-windowed control behind all other non-windowed controls.
SetAncestorprotectedClears or sets csAncestor state in the component's ComponentState property.
SetAutoSizeprotectedSets the value of the AutoSize property.
SetBiDiModeprotectedSets the control's bidirectional mode.
SetBoundspublicSets the windowed control's boundary properties all at once.
SetChildOrderprotectedChanges the order in which the child component appears in the list of child components returned by the GetChildren method.
SetCustomHintprotectedSets the value of the CustomHint property.
SetDesigningprotectedEnsures that components inserted at design time have their design-mode flag set.
SetDesignInstanceprotectedEnsures that components inserted at design time have their design-mode flag set.
SetDesignVisiblepublicMakes this control visible at design time.
SetDragModeprotectedSets the drag mode for the control.
SetEditTextprotectedGenerates an OnSetEditText event.
SetEnabledprotectedSets the value of the Enabled property.
SetFocuspublicGives the input focus to the control.
SetImeprotectedActivates an input method editor (IME) using the values specified by the ImeMode and ImeName properties.
SetImeCompositionWindowprotectedSets the position and font of the composition window.
SetInlineprotectedSets the csInline bit of the component's ComponentState property.
SetNameprotectedSets the name of the control.
SetParentBackgroundprotectedSets the ParentBackground property.
SetParentBiDiModeprotectedSpecifies whether the control uses its parent's BiDiMode.
SetParentComponentpublicSets the parent for the control.
SetParentDoubleBufferedprotectedSets the ParentBackground property.
SetSubComponentpublicIdentifies whether the component is a subcomponent.
SetTextBufpublicSets the text of the control.
SetZOrderprotectedMoves the control to the top or bottom of the parent control's (or screen's) list of TWinControl controls.
ShowpublicMakes a control visible.
ShowControlprotectedEnsures that a specified child control is visible.
ShowEditorprotectedDisplays the inplace editor when the grid enters edit mode.
ShowEditorCharprotectedDisplays the inplace editor, with its text set to the specified character.
SizeChangedprotectedResponds to changes in the size of the grid.
SizingprotectedIndicates whether the indicated coordinates are on one of the resize hot zones of the graph.
TimedScrollprotectedExtends a move, resize, or selection out of the scrollable region when the user drags the mouse in a direction where the grid is scrolled.
TopLeftChangedprotectedGenerates an OnTopLeftChanged event.
ToStringpublicReturns a string containing the class name.
UnitNamepublicReturns the name of the unit where the class is defined.
UnitScopepublicReturns the class's unit scope.
UnlockDrawingpublicCall UnlockDrawing method to allow changes in that control to be redrawn.
UpdatepublicForces the control to update.
UpdateActionpublicUpdates the state of an action.
UpdateBoundsprotectedUpdates the bounds of the control.
UpdateBoundsRectprotectedChanges the Top, Left, Width, and Height properties of the control, but does not update its screen image and bypasses all resize events.
UpdateControlOriginalParentSizeprotectedUpdates the original size of the parent control.
UpdateControlStatepublicRespond to state change.
UpdatedprotectedClears the csUpdating state in the component's ComponentState property when the component finishes updating.
UpdateDesignerprotectedNotifies the designer when rows and columns of the grid are moved or resized.
UpdateExplicitBoundsprotectedAttempts to update the values of the control's explicit bounds to those of its current bounds.
UpdateRecreatingFlagprotectedToggles the csRecreating flag in the ControlState property.
UpdateRegistryprotectedProvides the interface for a method that adds type library and version information to the Registry on components that implement COM interfaces.
UpdateUIStateprotectedUpdates form User Interface State as needed
UpdatingprotectedSets the csUpdating state in the component's ComponentState property.
UseRightToLeftAlignmentpublicSpecifies whether the control's alignment should be reversed right-to-left.
UseRightToLeftReadingpublicSpecifies whether the control is using a right-to-left reading order.
UseRightToLeftScrollBarpublicSpecifies whether the vertical scroll bar appears on the left side of the control.
ValidateContainerprotectedDetermines whether an object can be inserted into a container.
ValidateInsertprotectedProvides the interface for a method that validates a child component before it is inserted.
ValidateRenameprotectedEnsures that renaming an owned component does not create a name conflict.
VisibleChangingprotectedProvides the interface for a method that responds to changes in the control's visibility.
WndProcprotectedProvides specific message responses for the control.
WriteStateprotectedWrites the state of the component.