Configuring Your RAD Server Engine or RAD Server Console on Linux

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Go Up to RAD Server Engine (EMS Server)

To set up your RAD Server(EMS) properly, you need the resources and the stand-alone developer applications that are delivered with RAD Studio.

Setting Up the RAD Server Engine

  1. On your Windows machine at C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\EMSServer, find the following files:
    • LinuxEMSServer.tar
  2. Copy the files to your Linux machine.
    Note: Copy both files to the same folder.
  3. Run the file (with use administrator privileges).
    Note: You can find installation details in /var/ems_install.log.

Running the RAD Server Engine

You can run the RAD Server Engine using the following command:


To run the RAD Server console, use the following command:


Also, you can use environment variables created by, for example:


Configuring Your RAD Server Environment for the First Time

The EMSDevConsoleCommand and EMSDevServerCommand programs run the setup wizard when they cannot find the emsserver.ini file in the current and /etc/ems directories, or if the server runs with param setup, like the following:

/usr/lib/ems/EMSDevConsoleCommand -setup
Note: Before running the RAD Server Setup Wizard, you need to properly set up the Interbase RAD Server database.

To configure the RAD Server Engine do the following:

  1. Run Console or Server.
  2. Type start
    Configuring 1st.png
  3. Type y to run the wizard.
    Configuring 2d.png
  4. Specify the connection parameters by entering the following values:
    • Server instance: type the following default instance name gds_db
    • DB File Name: the default name is emsserver.ib
    • DB File Directory: the default path is current directory
    • DB User Name: the default parameter is sysdba
    • DB Password: the default parameter is masterkey
    • Console User Name: the default value is consoleuser
    • Console Password: the default value is consolepass
    Note: The username and password are saved in the emsserver.ini file as plain text.
    Configuring 3d.png

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