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The 11.1.5 C++Builder Code Insight Update is a quality release for C++Builder and RAD Studio customers using C++, focusing on improving code completion and related features for C++. However, being tightly focused on C++, it has no benefit for Delphi customers, and we do not recommend Delphi customers to install it. 11.1.5 is a full installation and includes all hotfixes issued for 11.1.

The RAD Studio 11.1.5 Alexandria release contains the following new and improved features:

New IDE Enhancements

New Save Order

When saving a new C++ project, the IDE will now prompt you to save the project itself first, followed by the new unit(s). The precompiled header will be saved automatically as part of saving the project without prompting you for a filename and location.

Optional auto-save on project creation

In order to enable Code Insight to work immediately when a project is created and match the behavior of other C++ IDEs, there is now an optional feature to save a project and file instantly when it’s created. This feature can be modified in IDE Options > Desktop > Saving. However, this is off by default to preserve behavior for those used to our traditional workflow.

Progress Notifications

In RAD Studio 11.1.5, progress notifications for C++ LSP parsing are now shown in the LSP progress bar at the bottom of the Projects view, like for Delphi.

Multiple Navigation locations

In RAD Studio 11.1.5, a dropdown list similar to code completion is shown, allowing you to choose where to navigate with the keyboard or mouse. If the location is already open in the editor, this includes further contextual information.

Delayed indexing

Indexing source code can use a lot of CPU. The LSP server would default index whenever a file is modified. Version 11.1.5 introduces a setting to optionally index only when you save (Ctrl+S.)

Note: When this feature is enabled, the Code Insight results, such as what’s shown in the code completion dropdown or the locations that are navigated to, can be out of date until you save.

Indexing All Projects and Files

In the IDE Tools Options, under Tools > Options > User Interface > Editor > Language there is a tab called “LSP Behavior” on the C++ LSP page. This has been available since 11.0, but we have a new third setting available, ‘Index all files in the project group.’ For more information, please read the documentation on Configuring C++ Code Insight to tune its behavior for your projects and needs.

Quality Improvements

RAD Studio 11.1.5 contains several improvements and quality fixes for C++ developers using C++Builder and RAD Studio 11.1. This includes performance improvements, display of code completion results, improved navigation, and a variety of quality fixes, including resolving an issue for users of the classic compiler, issues saving all files in a project, and more.

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