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Data source pages provide information about data sources: activity, details, discussions about them, people who are following them, and related ER models. They are only available for social users.

To open a data source page, follow a data source link. There are several places where you can find data source links, but if you are looking for a specific data source, you can try the Data Sources search page.

Data source pages share a common header, and they also share a common sidebar. When you click the items in the sidebar, you get access to information pages about different aspects of the target data source.

Data Source Pages Header


The data source page header shows:

  • A data source icon.
  • The name of the data source.
  • The type of resource ("Data Source").
  • If you are the owner of the data source or a super user, you can click [Delete] to delete the data source.

On the upper-right corner:

  • You can click + Follow to start following the current data source, or Following to stop following it. See Following Resources.

Data Source Pages Sidebar

Data source pages provide a sidebar with the following items:

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: The Related ER Model tab is available if there is an ER/Studio Team Server License registered.

Item Description


Opens the activity stream of the current data source.

Displays entries, for example, when a data source is related to an ER model.

The sidebar shows:

  • Followers. A list of users that are following the current data source. See the Followers subpage.


Provides detailed information about the data source.


Opens the list of discussions about the current data source.


Shows a list of users that are following the current data source.

Related ER Models

Shows a list of ER models that are related to the current data source.

Identity Object 18x18.png
Related Login Credentials

Shows a list of Login Credentials that are related to the current data source.


Opens the users and groups permissions tab for the data source.

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