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This page contains important supplementary information that may not appear in the HTML5 Builder Documentation. Read it in its entirety.


HTML5 Builder helps you work on a wide variety of projects, with focus on graphical tools and a component-based approach, but also powerful code edition tools and advanced features. See also this introduction to the supported project types.

Trial Version

Upgrade to a Fully-licensed Product

Follow the steps below to upgrade a trial version of HTML5 Builder:

  • If your trial has expired:
    1. Start HTML5 Builder. The Embarcadero Product Registration wizard will pop up.
    2. Enter your new serial number.
    3. Register your product.
  • If your trial has not expired:
    1. Run LicenseManager.exe, which you will find inside the bin folder in HTML5 Builder’s installation directory.
    2. Go to Serial > Add.
    3. Enter your new serial number, and click OK.
    4. Verify that your new serial number is listed under the Unregistered serial numbers node. If your number is not listed there, exit the License Manager, verify the serial number, and repeat the process from step 1.
    5. Highlight your new serial number in the License Manager and go to Serial > Register.
    6. The Embarcadero Product Registration wizard will pop up, then register your product.

Check the Remaining Days

To check the amount of remaining days of your HTML5 Builder trial version:

  1. Run LicenseManager.exe, which you will find inside the bin folder in HTML5 Builder’s installation directory.
  2. Expand the left side of the tree, and click on the HTML5 Builder entry.

You should now be able to see the Remaining days on the right pane.

Once your trial expires, the Embarcadero Product Registration wizard will pop up whenever you start HTML5 Builder, and you will be prompted to enter your purchased full-product serial number.



System Units
Your working projects must be on the same unit where HTML5 Builder is installed. Else, your applications might misbehave when executed from HTML5 Builder.
Differences between Browsers
There might be slight differences between the rendering of the same page by different web browsers. You must verify that your pages work on the browsers you want to target.
Invoking Code Templates
Delphi and C++ Builder users may be used to Code Templates being added to the Code Editor when typing keywords like for followed by a whitespace. In HTML5 Builder, you must press Ctrl+J instead.
JavaScript Debugging
Currently, the Debugger does not support JavaScript. Any breakpoint on JavaScript code will be ignored.
Write Permissions
You must have write permission on the folders where the component-based pages are located, since HTML5 Builder needs to write there to render the components.
The extract a superclass refactoring is not supported across multiple files.
Internal Server
HTML5 Builder has a web server of its own. This internal server does not conflict with any other web server installed in the same system, and you can safely run both at the same time.
Google Maps
HTML5 Builder provides two built-in components, GoogleMap and MMap, that let you interact with the Google Maps API, whose Terms of Service you must agree with.
Any software identified as a template and located in the Templates folder, inside the sample applications directory, is © Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., and is considered a redistributable as defined under the software license agreement. Please check the notices in the source code for the applicable licensing for demo files installed with HTML5 Builder and the RPCL library in general.

Database Connections

Microsoft SQL Server and the Data Explorer
While the Data Explorer works fine with Microsoft SQL Server, when you drop components on the Designer they will not be properly configured. You will have to configure them manually.
Data Explorer, MySQL 5.1 and UTF-8
There are known problems trying to use the Data Explorer to access a MySQL 5.1 server and setting the ServerChartset parameter of the connection to UTF-8. If you need to work with such a server and using that charset, avoid using the Data Explorer and setup your Data Access components manually.
Table Name in SQL Window on Windows XP
On Windows XP, when you drag and drop a table onto the SQL Window, the resulting table object does not display the name of the table. This can cause confusion if you drag and drop multiple tables at once.


Install the Android SDK using the RAD Studio installer
In order to do a mobile deployment for Android, you must have the Android SDK provided by the RAD Studio installer, and you must have it in the same installation folder that the RAD Studio installer uses.
Android Tools in 64-bit Windows XP and Vista
When using Windows XP 64-bit or Windows Vista 64-bit, you must manually define the JAVA_HOME environment variable for the mobile deployment to detect the required software for local builds.
Android Emulator
On slow systems (e.g. virtual machines) every time you run the Android emulator you might get the following error message: Error: Could not Access the Package Manager. Is the system running?. This is due to an upstream issue with the Android SDK Tools, the emulator has a default timeout value we cannot change. If this happens to you, try starting the emulator from outside HTML5 Builder, then the Wizard for PhoneGap can run your mobile application on the running emulator, avoiding any timeout.
ASUS Devices
For some ASUS devices, you need to use some ASUS tools that include an adb of their own. adb is a command-line Android tool for managing both virtual devices and connection to real ones. Having two adb instances will lead to applications not being copied over your ASUS device.

Zend Framework Components

Zend Framework Components and Xammp
Xampp includes a version of Zend Framework different from HTML5 Builder’s, which might cause problems. Modify the server’s include_path property so the RPCL can find the right Zend Framework.
The OpenID built-in components are based on Zend Framework’s OpenID component, which only works with the 1.0 version of the specification. As a result, OpenID providers working with the 2.0 version os the OpenID specification are not supported. That includes Google’s OpenID service or Yahoo’s, for example.


See Main Page, Help Resources.

HTML5 Builder includes several documentation resources, including tutorials, video tutorials, sample applications, documentation and reference documentation.

The Code Editor also provides inline help for PHP, you just need to press Ctrl+Space while working on the code to bring it up.

For sources of news, additional help, samples and videos, check the Community page.


The Embarcadero Developer Support provides support for software development teams for thousands of customers world-wide. To get access to support services such as frequently asked questions, opening a support case, and user supported technical newsgroups, visit


You can download HTML5 Builder updates from here. Follow the upgrade instructions to install them.

The latest releases of the RPCL, the main library of HTML5 Builder, can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Third Party Software

HTML5 Builder includes some third party software. The list below includes some of those software packages, along with the version included in HTML5 Builder with the current release:

  • Apache 2.2.15
  • JQuery 1.9.1
  • JQueryMobile 1.3.1
  • PhoneGap 2.8.0
  • PHP 5.3.6
  • Zend Framework 1.11.11