Developing and Deploying the InterBase ToGo Edition

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The InterBase ToGo database engine can be embedded in applications by directly using the InterBase server library. Used in this form, InterBase does not have to be installed on any server or end-user workstation. Target applications for the ToGo Edition include small devices and public kiosks, as well as Value Added Reseller (VAR) applications that were built using InterBase. In addition, you can deploy the ToGo edition on a read-only device such as a CD and DVD without having to install anything else on the same machine.

The embedded InterBase engine can run faster with these types of database applications because network connections are not used and data is not passed between the application and a separate database server. This gives application developers more choice and flexibility in their database design and deployment.

The InterBase ToGo edition is available on different platforms, and can access any InterBase database created by InterBase desktop or server editions, versions 2007 and later. For a full list of available platforms refer to ToGo Edition Platforms.

The InterBase ToGo edition allows only a single application to connect to the database. However, the application can make multiple connections to the database by using multiple threads, where a connection can be made for each thread. The database service, when accessing a database, exclusively locks the database file so that another application or InterBase server cannot access the database simultaneously.

Developing with the ToGo Edition

For information on developing with the supported platforms refer to the following topics:

Deploying with the ToGo Edition

To deploy with the ToGo edition, you need to make sure your application finds the minimum required files, for a list of the files refer to the following lists:

Additional Guidelines for Deploying with the ToGo Edition

When deploying with the ToGo edition, ensure the following:

  • Depending on your target platform, that the ibtogo.dll or libibtogo file is available to your application when it is launched. The easiest way to ensure this is to include it in the same directory as your application.
  • Create an InterBase sub-directory under your application directory and copy the required InterBase configuration and interbase.msg files.

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