Data.Bind.DBXScope.TSubClientDataSet Properties

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ActivepublishedSpecifies whether or not a dataset is open.
ActiveAggspublicLists the maintained aggregates supported by the current index.
ActiveRecordprotectedIndicates the index of the active record in the internal cache of records.
AfterApplyUpdatespublishedOccurs after the client dataset applies updates to the provider but before it attempts to reconcile update errors.
AfterCancelpublishedOccurs after an application completes a request to cancel modifications to the active record.
AfterClosepublishedOccurs after an application closes a dataset.
AfterDeletepublishedOccurs after an application deletes a record.
AfterEditpublishedOccurs after an application starts editing a record.
AfterExecutepublishedOccurs after the client dataset receives the results from an execute command.
AfterGetParamspublishedOccurs after the client dataset receives parameter values from the provider.
AfterGetRecordspublishedOccurs after the client dataset fetches a data packet from the provider.
AfterInsertpublishedOccurs after an application inserts a new record.
AfterOpenpublishedOccurs after an application completes opening a dataset and before any data access occurs.
AfterPostpublishedOccurs after an application writes the active record to the database or change log and returns to browse state.
AfterRefreshpublishedOccurs after an application refreshes the data in the dataset.
AfterRowRequestpublishedOccurs after the client dataset fetches new information about the current record.
AfterScrollpublishedOccurs after an application scrolls from one record to another.
AggFieldspublicContains any aggregate fields.
AggregatespublishedLists all aggregates that apply to the client dataset.
AggregatesActivepublishedSpecifies whether the client dataset calculates and maintains aggregate values.
AppServerpublicProvides access to the interface the client dataset uses to communicate with a provider.
AutoCalcFieldspublishedDetermines when the OnCalcFields event is triggered and when lookup field values are calculated.
BeforeApplyUpdatespublishedOccurs before the client dataset applies updates to the remote server.
BeforeCancelpublishedOccurs before an application executes a request to cancel changes to the active record.
BeforeClosepublishedOccurs immediately before the dataset closes.
BeforeDeletepublishedOccurs before an application attempts to delete the active record.
BeforeEditpublishedOccurs before an application enters edit mode for the active record.
BeforeExecutepublishedOccurs before the client dataset executes the provider's query or stored procedure.
BeforeGetParamspublishedOccurs before the client dataset fetches parameter values from the provider.
BeforeGetRecordspublishedOccurs before the client dataset fetches a data packet from the provider.
BeforeInsertpublishedOccurs before an application enters insert mode.
BeforeOpenpublishedOccurs before an application executes a request to open a dataset.
BeforePostpublishedOccurs before an application posts changes for the active record to the database or change log.
BeforeRefreshpublishedOccurs immediately before an application refreshes the data in the dataset.
BeforeRowRequestpublishedOccurs before the client dataset fetches new information about the current record.
BeforeScrollpublishedOccurs before an application scrolls from one record to another.
BlobFieldCountprotectedIndicates the number of columns in the dataset that represent Binary large object (BLOB) fields.
BlockReadSizepublicDetermines how many record buffers are read in each block.
BofpublicIndicates whether the first record in the dataset is active.
BookmarkpublicSpecifies the current bookmark in the dataset.
BookmarkSizeprotectedIndicates the number of bytes used to represent a bookmark.
BufferCountprotectedIndicates the number of records in the internal cache.
BuffersprotectedProvides indexed access to the record buffers in the internal cache.
CalcBufferprotectedPoints to the record buffer used during an OnCalcFields event.
CalcFieldsSizeprotectedIndicates the number of bytes in a record buffer dedicated to storing calculated fields and lookup fields.
CanModifypublicIndicates whether the dataset permits write access to data.
ChangeCountpublicIndicates the number of changes in the change log.
CloneSourcepublicIndicates the client dataset (if any) with which this client dataset shares data.
CommandTextpublishedSpecifies an SQL command to be executed by the database server.
ComObjectpublicSpecifies the interface reference implemented by the component.
ComponentCountpublicIndicates the number of components owned by the component.
ComponentIndexpublicIndicates the position of the component in its owner's Components property array.
ComponentspublicLists all components owned by the component.
ComponentStatepublicDescribes the current state of the component, indicating when a component needs to avoid certain actions.
ComponentStylepublicGoverns the behavior of the component.
ConnectionBrokerpublishedSpecifies a connection broker that handles the connection to an application server.
ConstraintspublishedSpecifies record-level constraints that must be met when editing the data.
CurrentRecordprotectedIndicates the index of the current record in the internal cache of record buffers.
DatapublicRepresents the data of the client dataset in a transportable format.
DataSetFieldpublishedIndicates the persistent TDataSetField object that owns a nested dataset.
DataSizepublicIndicates the number of bytes required to represent the Data property.
DataSourcepublicRepresents the data source of another dataset that supplies values to the dataset.
DeltapublicRepresents a packet of change log data.
DesignerpublicReturns a pointer to the DataSet designer for the dataset.
DesignInfopublicContains information used by the Form designer.
DisableStringTrimpublishedSpecifies whether trailing spaces are trimmed from field values when records are posted.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
DSBaseprotectedSpecifies the interface the client dataset uses to communicate with classes in Midas.dll or Midaslib.dcu (on Windows), or (on Linux).
DSCursorprotectedProvides access to the interface for the client dataset's data cursor.
EofpublicIndicates whether a dataset is positioned at the last record.
FetchOnDemandpublishedIndicates whether to fetch data packets from the provider on an as-needed basis.
FieldCountpublicIndicates the number of field components associated with the dataset.
FieldDefListpublicPoints to the list of field definitions for the dataset.
FieldDefspublishedPoints to the list of field definitions for the dataset.
FieldListpublicLists the field components of a dataset.
FieldNoOfsprotectedSpecifies the offset needed to convert indexes in the Fields property to field numbers.
FieldOptionspublishedSpecifies the options of the dataset fields.
FieldspublicLists all non-aggregate field components of the dataset.
FieldValuespublicProvides access to the values for all fields in the active record for the dataset.
FileNamepublishedSpecifies a file that stores the data of the client dataset.
FilterpublishedSpecifies the text of the current filter for a dataset.
FilteredpublishedSpecifies whether or not filtering is active for a dataset.
FilterOptionspublishedSpecifies whether or not filtering is case insensitive, and whether or not partial comparisons are permitted when filtering records.
FoundpublicIndicates whether or not moving to a different record is successful.
GroupingLevelpublicIndicates the depth of grouping support provided by the current index.
HasAppServerpublicIndicates whether the client dataset is connected to a provider.
IndexDefspublishedContains information about the indexes for a client dataset.
IndexFieldCountpublicIndicates the number of fields that make up the current index.
IndexFieldNamespublishedLists the fields to use as an index.
IndexFieldspublicSpecifies the fields associated with the current index.
IndexNamepublishedIdentifies an index for the client dataset.
InternalCalcFieldsprotectedIndicates whether the dataset includes internally calculated fields.
IsUniDirectionalpublicIndicates whether the dataset is unidirectional.
KeyExclusivepublicSpecifies the upper and lower boundaries for a range.
KeyFieldCountpublicSpecifies the number of fields to use when conducting a partial key search on a multifield key.
KeySizepublicIndicates the size of the current key used for the dataset.
LogChangespublicIndicates whether to maintain a change log separate from the data.
MasterFieldspublishedNames one or more fields in a master table to link with corresponding fields in this dataset in order to establish a master-detail relationship.
MasterSourcepublishedSpecifies a data source component for the master dataset when establishing a detail-master relationship between this dataset and another one.
ModifiedpublicIndicates whether the active record is modified.
NamepublishedSpecifies the name of the component as referenced in code.
NestedDataSetClassprotectedIndicates the class type to use when creating nested datasets.
NestedDataSetsprotectedLists all nested datasets.
ObjectViewpublishedSpecifies whether fields are stored hierarchically or flattened out in the Fields property.
ObserverspublicIndicates the TObservers object added to the TComponent.
OnCalcFieldspublishedOccurs when an application recalculates calculated fields.
OnDeleteErrorpublishedOccurs when an application attempts to delete a record and an exception is raised.
OnEditErrorpublishedOccurs when an application attempts to modify or insert a record and an exception is raised.
OnFilterRecordpublishedOccurs only when a record is fetched from a DB or when the Filtered property is set to True.
OnNewRecordpublishedOccurs when an application inserts or appends a new dataset record.
OnPostErrorpublishedOccurs when an application attempts to modify or insert a record and an exception is raised.
OnReconcileErrorpublishedOccurs when a client dataset needs to reconcile an update to a record that could not be applied.
OwnerpublicIndicates the component that is responsible for streaming and freeing this component.
PacketRecordspublishedIndicates the number or type of records in a single data packet.
ParamspublishedContains parameter values that are sent to the provider.
ProviderEOFprotectedIndicates whether the client dataset has all of its data.
ReadOnlypublishedSpecifies whether the client dataset is read-only for this application.
RecNopublicIndicates the active record number in the dataset.
RecordCountpublicIndicates the total number of records associated with the dataset.
RecordSizepublicIndicates the size of a record in the dataset.
RemoteServerpublishedSpecifies the connection component that this client dataset uses to connect to an application server.
SavePointpublicRepresents the current state of edits when logging changes.
SparseArrayspublicDetermines whether a unique TField object is created for each element of an array field.
StatepublicIndicates the current operating mode of the dataset.
StatusFilterpublicFilters the client dataset so that it exposes only those records with a specific update status.
StoreDefspublishedIndicates whether field and index definitions are saved with the client dataset.
TagpublishedStores a NativeInt integral value as a part of a component.
VCLComObjectpublicRepresents information used internally by components that support COM.
XMLDatapublicRepresents the data of the client dataset in XML.