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With the Columns Editor dialog box you can edit the columns of an associated string grid (TStringGrid).

There are two ways to open the Columns Editor dialog box:

  • Double-click the Bindings List component to see all the bindings, then locate the TBindDBGridLink associated with your string grid. Select it and use the Columns property to show the Columns Editor dialog.
  • Select the string grid component and, in the Object Inspector, go to the created LiveBinding and select the Columns property. Double-click it to see the dialog box.

The Columns Editor allows you to add, delete, restore defaults, or add all the fields as columns of a string grid.

Action Meaning
Add Adds a new column to the list.
Delete Deletes an existing column from the list.
Add All Fields Adds all fields reported by the data source. Clicking this button prompts you whether to remove all existing columns first.
Restore Defaults Switches all columns to their defaults.


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