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The C++Builder Developer's Guide contains information for both Delphi and C++.

Tip: To select the language you want to see, click the Display Preferences control, located in the upper right corner of the page.
To see C++ information only, enable the C++ checkbox and disable the Delphi checkbox, as shown here:

Part I: Programming with C++Builder

Developing Applications with C++Builder

Understanding the Component Library

Working with Components Index

Working with Controls Index

Building Applications, Components, and Libraries Index

Developing the Application User Interface Index

Types of Controls Index

Working with Graphics and Multimedia Index

Writing Multithreaded Applications Index

Exception Handling in C++Builder

Working with Packages and Components Index

Creating International Applications Index

Deploying RAD Studio Applications

Part II: Developing Database Applications

Designing Database Applications - Overview

Using Data Controls

Connecting to Databases Index

Understanding Datasets Index

Working with Field Components Index

Using BDE Index

Using Client Datasets Index

Using Provider Components Index

Creating Multi-Tiered Applications Index

Using XML in Database Applications Index

Part III: Writing Internet Applications

Creating Internet Server Applications Index

Using Web Broker Index

Working with XML documents

Using Web Services Index

Working with Sockets

Part IV: Developing COM-based Applications Index

Overview of COM Technologies

Working with Type Libraries

Creating COM Clients

Creating Simple COM Servers

Creating an Active Server Page

Using ActiveX Controls

Part V: Component Writer's Guide

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