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Understanding AppWave Apps

In addition to standard installation executable for all Embarcadero products, Embarcadero also provides AppWave App versions for many of our products. You can access instant trials Instant-trial.png here:,

Instant trials run on AppWave. You need to install it the first time you run an App. You can see here the simple steps to get started: Getting Started

Benefits of using AppWave Apps:

  • Provide click-and-run functionality for each product, to simplify deployment and enable side-by-side versioning of products.
  • Ideal in locked-down desktop environments because they do not affect system files or system registry settings.
  • Run within their own space without sharing DLLs or system-wide settings that could conflict with other applications. Application data, including configuration and license information, is stored locally on the hard disk, separate from the executable itself.
  • The Apps run on the local machine and are launched from either the local hard drive or over the network using AppWave Browser.
  • Provisioned and licensed by AppWave and then accessed using AppWave Browser. In this scenario, AppWave obtains software updates from Embarcadero servers and makes them available to the AppWave Browser user.
  • Keep multiple machines updated with new versions. By keeping the AppWave version on a shared server, up to date, you will automatically gain access to the latest versions of the products.
  • AppWave application streaming allows applications to open before they have been fully downloaded.

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