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The following table lists the FireMonkey components that are used in each of the mobile tutorials:

Mobile Tutorial FireMonkey Components, Properties and Methods Used

Creating a Multi-Device Application (iOS and Android)

TEdit, TButton, TLabel

KillFocusByReturn, Text, Name

Using a Button Component with Different Styles (iOS and Android)

TButton, TSpeedButton

Position, Height, Width, StyleLookup, TintColor, IconTintColor, GroupName, IsPressed

Using a Calendar Component to Pick a Date (iOS and Android)



Using Combo Box Components to Pick Items from a List (iOS and Android)


ItemIndex, IndexOf, OnChange

Using a MultiView Component to Display Alternate Views of Information (iOS and Android)

TMultiView, TDrawerAppearance

Visible, Mode, MasterButton, DoOpen, DoClose, GetDisplayName, DoInstall, TargetControl, DrawerOptions, ShadowOptions

Using the Web Browser Component (iOS and Android)

TWebBrowser, TButton, TVirtualKeyboard

ReturnKeyType, GoBack, KeyboardType, KillFocusByReturn

Using Tab Components to Display Pages (iOS and Android)

TTabControl, TTabItem, MultiResBitmap Editor, ActionList, TButton

Using LiveBindings to Populate a ListView (iOS and Android)

TListView, TPrototypeBindSource, TextButton

Using ListBox Components to Display a Table View (iOS and Android)

TListBox, TLabel, TToolBar, TSpeedButton, TSearchBox, TListBoxHeader, TListBoxGroupHeader, TListBoxGroupFooter

Align, StyleLookup, HorzAlign, Text, Accessory, TListBoxItemData.Detail, Bitmap, StyleLookup, TListBoxItemData.Detail

Using LiveBindings to Populate a ListBox in Mobile Applications (iOS and Android)

TListBox, DefaultItemStyles.ItemStyle, TRectangle, TPrototypeBindSource, LiveBindings Designer,

Using Layout to Adjust Different Form Sizes or Orientations (iOS and Android)

TLayout and its properties: Align, Margins, Padding, and Anchors


Taking and Sharing a Picture, and Sharing Text (iOS and Android)

TToolBar, TImage, TActionList, FMX.MediaLibrary, TTakePhotoFromCameraAction, OnDidFinishTaking, OnBeforeExecute,TShowShareSheetAction, TToolBar, TButton, TMemo

Using Location Sensors (iOS and Android)

TListBox with added items and groupheaders, TWebBrowser, TLocationSensor, OnLocationChanged, TSwitch, TGeocoder and its methods

Using Notifications (iOS and Android)

TNotificationCenter, TNotification, TNotification.Number, ScheduleNotification, RepeatInterval

Using InterBase ToGo with dbExpress (iOS and Android)

TListView, TPanel, TLabel, TSQLDataSet, LiveBindings Designer, Deployment Manager

Using SQLite and dbExpress (iOS and Android)

Data Explorer, TListBox, TButton, TLabel, TSQLQuery, InputQuery, Deployment Manager

Connecting to an Enterprise Database from a Mobile Client (iOS and Android)

DataSnap Server Wizard, TDSServerModule, TSQLConnection, TSQLDataSet, TDataSetProvider, TDSProviderConnection, TClientDataSet, TListBox

Using InterBase ToGo with FireDac (iOS and Android)

TFDConnection, TBindSourceDB, TFDQuery, TListView, TPanel, TLabel, LiveBindings Designer, TFDGUIxWaitCursor, FTFDPhysSQLiteDriverLink, Deployment Manager

Using FireDAC and SQLite (iOS and Android)

TFDConnection, LiveBindings Wizard, TBindSourceDB, TFDQuery, TListView, LiveBindings Designer, TFDGUIxWaitCursor, FTFDPhysSQLiteDriverLink, Deployment Manager

Using Remote Notifications (iOS and Android)

TPushEvents, AutoActivate, TKinveyProvider, AppKey, AppSecret, MasterSecret, TParseProvider, ApplicationID, RestApiKey,Provider, LiveBindings Designer

Using BaaS for Backend Storage (iOS and Android)

TListView, TLabel, TButton, TBackendStorage, TKinveyProvider and its properties AppKey, AppSecret, MasterSecret, and the TParseProvider component and its properties ApplicationID, MasterKey and RestApiKey

Note: This list of components is intended for informational purposes only, and might not be entirely accurate or complete.